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Learn all about running a development shop from our team members, as they share experiences and challenges from past clients.

DevShop stories podcast

From React to Svelte - A Devshop's Journey

RedSky Engineering transitioned from React to Svelte due to challenges with React’s client-side rendering and the cumbersome nature of large projects. They found Svelte's simplicity, efficiency, and robust community support more appealing.

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Development - Where the Plan is Put Into Place

RedSky discusses their development methodology and the benefits of using sprints. Tanner Barney discusses the development stage and explains why and how we pre-plan each sprint and procedure.

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Devshop Stories #1 - The Story of Our Origin

Josh and Tanner talk about the challenges they faced when launching a software development business. They discuss how they got started in the business, the difficulties they encountered as a software development company before branching out into virtual reality and powder coating. They also share a

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Project Manager Kai Schulze wearing glasses.

Planning - The most Crucial Step In Your Project

RedSky discusses what you can expect when we take you on as a client. In this video, Kai Schulze goes over our Planning phase and explains to you our onboarding process.

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DevShop stories mascot, the man with a computer for a head.

DevShop Stories #6 - The Story of How We Do Our Processes

Why are processes important? We discuss all the technologies we employ to track, manage, and develop throughout this episode. The justifications for using these particular tools and recommendations to improve client relations. We talk about why it is crucial to hold regular meetings with the product

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a group of people putting their hands in the center of a circle

7 Ways To Create a Community Around Your Users

Building a community around your product or service can be a powerful way to increase user engagement and brand loyalty. When your customers feel like they're part of a community, they are more likely to transition from a loyal buyer to a brand ambassador. Meaning they are far more likely to recomm

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