Meet the Nerds

Meet the Nerds

Located just 20 minutes south of the Silicon Slopes in Spanish Fork, UT, we draw some of the best talent around!

Our nerds are the best nerds. Check them out!

Learn more about the innovative brains who create amazing solutions for our clients.

Our Mission

To build lasting partnerships with businesses, providing them with innovative software solutions that propel their growth and success.

McKay testing the equipment in the VR Junkies arcade

How it started

Back in 2016, Josh and McKay were colleagues at an engineering firm when they got their hands on VR headsets. They were so fascinated by the technology that they worked together to open a VR arcade where others could have the experience. They put their development skills to use and created a cloud-based tracking software for the booths. When COVID-19 hit and put VR on hold, they quickly adapted and took on more software development contracts. They realized that passion for problem-solving, whether it involved hardware, software, or other tech, would ensure their success.

That's how RedSky Engineering came to be - a dynamic software development company experienced in solving complex technological challenges.

How it's going

RedSky Engineering has come a long way since its pivot to software development. With a dedicated team of over 15 professionals specializing in design, development, project management, and administration, RedSky has successfully collaborated with notable clients such as Mixhers, Route, Troomi, and Green Compass. Continually seeking new challenges and growth opportunities, RedSky is poised to forge strong relationships with businesses.

RedSky Engineering excels not only in creating software from scratch, but also in salvaging half-baked projects abandoned by offshore dev shops or others who struggled to execute.

Recognized as a Patriotic Employer by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)

Worked with various industries ranging from women's health supplements to automated lawn mowers

Grown into a full service development shop, equipped to deliver in all stages from design to development and beyond.

A collage of images featuring the RedSky team over the years