Alex Suess

Senior Software Developer

Meet Alex Suess

Alex Suess is not your typical Senior Developer. Beyond his exceptional technical skills, he also brings a unique perspective shaped by his experiences as an active service member in the army.

Active Service Member

While serving in the military, Alex's commitment to excellence and disciplined work ethic became ingrained in his character. This dedication translated seamlessly into his pursuit of mastery in the world of development. He embarked on a self-taught journey, honing their skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, mastering the foundations of web development.

Alex's Story

Through unwavering determination and countless hours of learning, Alex expanded his knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies. From React and Typescript to jQuery, node.js, MySQL, SCSS, and more, his skill set grew in parallel with his military career.

Alex's military experience instilled in him a strong sense of problem-solving and adaptability. These qualities have proven invaluable as he navigates the challenges posed by complex projects. As a Senior Developer, he brings his sharp focus, attention to detail, and ability to remain calm under pressure to the table, resulting in effective and efficient solutions.

While juggling his military commitments and a thriving career in development, Alex manages to strike a harmonious balance. He embodies a deep sense of duty and dedication, which he brings to every aspect of his life.

RedSky is my home away from home. I have spent long days and nights in this office just coding away and vibing to music. I've been here since the beginning, and it has given me the opportunity to grow as great double half stack developer. We are a group of highly intelligent engineers that are willing to take any problem thrown our way.
Shut. Up. Just do better - Me

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