Development - Where the Plan is Put Into Place


Development - Where the Plan is Put Into Place

RedSky discusses their development methodology and the benefits of using sprints. Tanner Barney discusses the development stage and explains why and how we pre-plan each sprint and procedure.

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Hey, guys. I wanted to talk about the red sky engineering process today. So we here at Red Sky very much follow the Agile methodology. We plan all of our sprints. We plan all of our processes. We give you a dedicated team of very talented, full stack developers. The one thing that we do that's a little bit different from your traditional agile process is we follow planning.

right that is our bread and butter, very much what we like to do. So we know relative to the team that you have the skill set that they have specific to the front end versus the back end. We know if our developers quote out something based on who it is, where their velocity lands. So as we quote out your project throughout the entirety of the project, particularly the development phase, we get into the sprints, which is your subset of tasks that we break things down to.

We know exactly what that time looks like. So when we tell you this sprint, sprint one, sprint two, sprint three, this is going to be completed. This is what you can expect. This is where we're going to give this presentation to you. We're confident in what we tell you. We know exactly what it's going to be because we know the team.

We know our processes. We have everything completely dialed in based on the exact efficiencies of the developers that we have on the process. It's phenomenal. As we get through the project, you'll see it come to life. Again, we're going to hit these marks because we know the team. We have these processes we follow these processes. It's what we do.

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