QA Testing - The Last Step Before Deployment


QA Testing - The Last Step Before Deployment

RedSky discusses the importance of quality assurance. Dan Bigler explains our testing procedure and explains what quality assurance is and how we implement it in our processes.

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Hey there. Welcome to another Red Sky engineering video. Today I'm going to talk about quality assurance or QA for short. The question you may ask is what is quality assurance and why is it important? Quality assurance testing is one of the processes we follow that ensures we deliver the best products or services possible. The point of quality assurance isn't to catch every bug because let's face it, that's impossible in most software development timelines and budgets.

The point of QA is to give you the confidence that your product meets a sufficient level of quality. We have our own internal metrics, but we also work closely with your team to determine what level of quality you want out of your product. We work to minimize bugs while also maximizing the end user experience by including quality assurance throughout the entire development process.

This means QA is involved in the planning stage. While requirements are collected, designs are created, and development tasks are written. We take a look at how the product looks as well as how it works to ensure the end product feels fluid and natural performs its best. It's easy to see QA as the gatekeeper of the product and that it doesn't ship out until it gets our stamp of approval.

But at Red Sky, our dedicated team works closely with our designers and developers to ensure quality is everyone's goal.

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