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DevShop Stories

Learn all about running a development shop from our team members, as they share experiences and challenges from past clients.

DevShop stories podcast

Development - Where the Plan is Put Into Place

RedSky discusses their development methodology and the benefits of using sprints. Tanner Barney discusses the development stage and explains why and how we pre-plan each sprint and procedure.

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Devshop Stories #1 - The Story of Our Origin

Josh and Tanner talk about the challenges they faced when launching a software development business. They discuss how they got started in the business, the difficulties they encountered as a software development company before branching out into virtual reality and powder coating. They also share a

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What to Look for When Selecting a Software Development Shop

Software is ubiquitous in business. Whether it's to streamline processes, improve customer experience, or to gain a competitive edge, software is a critical investment for companies looking to grow and succeed.

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a close-up of a computer screen with graphs on it

SEO Minded Web Development

While being pretty and functional is an important part of a successful website, a beautiful website serves no purpose if it has no visitors.

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Quality Assurance lead Dan Bigler wearing a RedSky t-shirt

QA Testing - The Last Step Before Deployment

RedSky discusses the importance of quality assurance. Dan Bigler explains our testing procedure and explains what quality assurance is and how we implement it in our processes.

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107 Web Design Hashtags (and Counting!)

Find the perfect hashtag from our growing list of web design hashtags. Related hashtags are grouped together so they're easier to find.

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