Design - Beautiful functional and designs


Design - Beautiful functional and designs

RedSky explains their design process and the tools they use in this video. Caitlin Kelly goes over the designing phase and explains the steps RedSky takes to ensure a successful project.

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Hi. I'm here today to talk about the design process that we follow at Redsky engineering. During the design process, there are two goals that we want to achieve, and that is to create designs that are beautiful and functional. In order to do this, we use two programs Figma for designing and Zeplin for documentation. But before we can even start designing, we need to meet with you in order to understand what your project is all about and what it is that we're designing for.

Once we understand what we need to design, we'll jump into Figma and create the basic building blocks that all of your screens will be made out of. In Figma, we follow the Atomic Design Framework where we establish basic typography and color styles that we can combine to create all the components that your screens and user flows will need.

As we work in Figma, we highly value any feedback you can give us to make sure that our designs are on track with what you're envisioning. Once you're happy with how designs are looking in Figma, we'll export the designs into Zeplin where we can annotate them and organize them in a way that's easier for developers and project managers to access.

In Zeplin, we focus on annotating behaviors and requirements that aren't explicit in the designs, so that way the developers can code a project that reflects the intended user experience by combining beauty and function, we're able to deliver a project that has clients happy and users happy. Even though the majority of the design work is completed at the end of the design phase.

Our designers remain available throughout the development cycle to support the developers in bringing your product to life. If you'd like to look at some of our previous design work, check them out at

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