Webflow marketing website redesign for a substitute teaching platform

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Tech Stack

Design: Figma

Website Builder: Webflow

Hosting: Webflow



8 Static Pages

3 CMS Collection Pages

4 Responsive Breakpoints

1 Customized Template



Senya is a web and mobile app platform that aims to solve the nationwide substitute teacher shortage by pairing schools with qualified substitutes in their area. Senya has an onboarding process for new substitutes that make it super easy to get started, and they even offer special bonuses on jobs that enables substitutes to earn more money in less time in comparison to other gig jobs like Doordash and Uber. Check out the live site here.



Solve the Substitute Shortage

Schools nationwide are struggling to find qualified substitutes to fill classrooms. This leads to teachers becoming burnt-out and unable to take time off because they can't find a substitute to fill in for them. Most schools resort to playing phone tag with a list of substitutes that may be outdated, with minimal success. Senya's platform streamlines the process for administrators to fill jobs with a pool of local, qualified subs through their online platform.

Provide Meaningful Teaching Opportunities

Unlike other gig economy jobs like food delivery, grocery shopping, and ride-hailing services, substitutes with Senya can make a meaningful impact on kids lives by providing crucial educational support for them. Senya even offers recruiting and direct-hire services for schools so that they can hire a Senya substitute as full-time employee.

Efficient Administration

Administrators already have so much on their plate. Senya's platform helps centralize all the required steps that administrators must follow in order to hire a sub. Senya's bonus tier structure also incentivizes substitutes to fill jobs, which has led to a much larger percentage of jobs being filled than other substitute teaching platforms. Senya is the only substitute teaching platform that pays substitutes bonuses out of their own pocket - not the school's.



  • Customized a Webflow template to fit the platform's needs
  • Designed and sourced assets to fit the website's new style
  • Implemented best practices for SEO through meta tags, H tags, keywords, and alt text
  • Configured CMS collection pages and collections to help client continue generating content post-launch
  • Trained client on Webflow CMS, Webflow Editor to make changes independently
  • Trained client on SEO to maintain best practices and improve authority score for organic traffic