Designed admin dashboard for managing automated compliance processes in the energy industry

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Tech Stack

Design: Figma



User Types: 3

Breakpoints: 2

User Flows: 15



Dataphleet specializes in automations that ensure Energy companies remain in compliance. Currently many compliance checks that must be conducted are done manually, tracked inefficiently, and are time consuming in their repetitive nature. Dataphleet's automations take the monotony out of these checks by performing them automatically and tracking the results in a centralized dashboard, so you can easily see which machines are compliant.

Our designer collaborated with Dataphleet's cofounders to bring their software vision to life. They brainstormed, iterated, and found solutions together, resulting in high fidelity designs ready to be developed into a functional platform.



Leverage Automations

Dataphleet brings automations to an industry which relies on manual checks, making compliance checks simpler, easier, and more effective. Their automations (dp:bots) do all the repetitive work for you, so you can focus on more important matters and receive alerts when machines are out of compliance.

Consistent Compliance

Compliance checks must be done regularly, and automations can be scheduled on a recurring basis depending on the company's needs. Just set it and forget it, with the peace of mind that the automations will alert you if anything is out of compliance.

Ease of Use

The dashboard and its features are designed with the users in mind. Information is presented clearly and aesthetically, with ample use of white space, soothing colors, and easy to read typography.



  • Satisfied clients
  • High-fidelity, responsive designs
  • Handed off to development team